Crazy Christmas market

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post. The reason why comes with a little story.

Back in November I was asked to participate in a Christmas market. I didn’t even hesitate to say yes!

I was so excited to for the Christmas market, but then reality sunk in…I only had one month or so to create my winter collection! I had nothing apart from a few drawings and paintings, since this would be the very first time that I would sell anything that I made. I never stood at a market before.  So I had to come up with a plan and fast!

First I thought of a theme. It had to be something with the season Winter and wildlife. I created a few characters, such as “Benjamin the Hedgehog”, Pepper the Squirrel, “Polly the Parrot” (an old favorite) and “Olive the Owl”. But what would I do with these characters? The thing that came to mind, were postcards. I had a few little paintings so I thought I could print them on postcards. After I ordered the cards, I thought;” well… I can also make some hand illustrated postcards, just a few….”. Well a few became more and more. I was in over my head after only just two weeks.

Then I decided that I wanted to sell more than just the postcards. I tried to order a few tote bags with a print that I had designed, but unfortunately that didn’t work out and I had to cancel it. They were unable to print it onto the bags, because the print was to detailed. So I had to come up with a different plan. Just to make sure that I didn’t run out off any work…. I ordered plain tote bags. Which I could paint myself.
Total madness…

I think by now you probably see some little stars in front of your eyes ( I know I did).

Beside from the postcards and bags I thought it would be nice for a Christmas market to sell some homemade forrest fruits jams and cranberry and chilli chutneys. So I started making these as well.
Luckily I managed to finish everything in time. And I was packed and ready to go to my very first Christmas market!

I was very excited once I stood behind my own stall. The day went very well. The market was very busy and a lot of people came by to see me. It was very nice to hear all the positive reactions of people. That really gave me energy to continue doing what I love to do.

So after this adventure I had my well deserved vacation celebrating Christmas and New Years with family and friends.

Who knows what kind of adventures lie ahead? All I know is that I will continue painting and drawing and work on my future website.

Here you can see my very first collection, made with love!





2 thoughts on “Crazy Christmas market

  1. Hi Herma!
    Thank you for your interest. Some of the postcards are still available. Just leave me a message by going to “contact” and mention the ones you would like. I can also arrange some frames for the cards.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hai Martine,

    I would like to order five of your little postcard paintings. Is that possible?
    Do you also sell frames to show them in?

    My sincere regards,
    Herma Loohuis


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